About Dr. Rota

“In this book, I want to share with you some extraordinary observations that I have made in my 50 years in dentistry. I believe these experiences made me a better dentist and played a significant role in my evolution as a human being.

When we are mindful to the various elements of the human experience and are acutely aware of the sacred responsibility we hold when we treat the mouth of another person – and we are humbled by the beauty, sensitivity and complexity of the design of the human body and spirit – it is in that moment that we do our best work and are in service to the well-being of the patient, and we are grateful for the fulfilling experience of restoring health to that person.”

Mercury PoisoningJames E. Rota, DDS, was a practicing biological dentist in (Westwood) Los Angeles, California.

As an Assistant Professor and part of the founding staff at the UCLA School of Dentistry, Dr. Rota was a pioneer in dental ergonomics. Many of the work standards he developed, such as Four-Handed Dentistry, are common practice today. He was also key in developing the protocols for safe amalgam removal that are now standard in biological dentistry.

Dr. Rota has served on expert panels in the medical field and regularly conducts physician seminars on mercury detoxification and related issues. He trains other dentists in safe mercury removal.

Through research – as well as his own healing journey from mercury exposure – Dr. Rota developed Bouncercise: a highly effective blend of aerobics, resistance training and cell detoxification. You can learn more about this practical method of detox and physical fitness for all ages here. Dr. Rota’s TV appearances include the Merv Griffin Show, Dentistry Today and a variety of local Los Angeles news shows. Topics have included dental fear, dental trends, fraudulent diagnoses, mercury amalgam and heavy metals detox. He has also hosted his own radio program, Smile Your Way to Health.