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five-star-smallMirror of the Body: Your Mouth Reflects the Health of Your Whole Body by James E. Rota, DDS, is a fascinating and eye opening look at the little known ill effects of mercury poisoning due to common dental fillings. This informative guide begins with a fascinating in depth look at the author’s young life and his decision to go into dentistry. The author describes being exposed to mercury as a youth and was soon battling with undiagnosed health problems. These common but often undetected health problems included allergies, symptoms of attention deficit disorder, constipation, sleep disturbances, and lethargy. Other symptoms that developed later included chronic fatigue syndrome, burnout, depression and Epstein-Barr syndrome. On top of these symptoms, the author later developed memory lapses, ringing in the ears, and an unhealthy weight loss.

Dr. Rota describes how he slowly began to realize that these symptoms and others were the result of exposure to the second most toxic element known to man, mercury. The author describes that everyone who has mercury dental fillings is at risk of developing similar symptoms caused by mercury vapor emissions inside the mouth. These emissions can be absorbed into the human blood and also affect the brain. The book goes on to describe practical treatment approaches that include removal of mercury fillings, colon cleansing and detoxification, and change in diet. When these techniques are employed, a person might expect to see a decrease in symptoms.

This book presents a powerful look at a problem quietly affecting most of the world’s population who are daily exposed to mercury through dental fillings, light bulbs and more. This book is practical and down to earth. The author provides a mountain of scholarly research in a way that is interesting and easy to understand. Deserving of becoming an international best seller, this is a must-read for everyone concerned about their health as most people are at risk for mercury toxicity. As someone who has personally experienced many symptoms associated with mercury toxicity, I found this research fascinating. Before reading this book, I had never heard of the risks associated with mercury dental fillings. I highly recommend this informative book; Mirror of the Body: Your Mouth Reflects the Health of Your Whole Body to people all over the world who have been exposed to mercury and who care about their health.

– Lucinda Weeks, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer

 five-star-smallMirror of the Body by Dr. James Rota is an intriguing and informative book regarding dental health and how it relates to the entire body. Dr. Rota possesses impressive credentials, being in the dental industry for more than 50 years, and lays out the information in a very easy-to-understand format. One of the main focuses in the book is the use of mercury in dental fillings and their detrimental impact on the body. He provides answers to tough questions, such as why do dentists still use mercury in fillings, how dental fillings relate to chronic health issues, and how the health of your mouth directly relates to the health of your entire body. Dr. Rota is a big advocate for removing toxins in fillings and providing dental patients with mercury-free options.

I found Mirror of the Body: Your Mouth Reflects the Health of Your Whole Body to be more than just a book with a really long title; it’s full of empowering information to put readers in touch with their dental and overall health. The book is written in a very reader-friendly format. Dr. Rota defines dental jargon and explains the information in a way that I think anybody can understand. He also includes a bit of a biography, giving readers a glimpse into his life as well as solidifying his credentials in dental matters. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their health, understand their dental problems, and take charge of their own bodies.

Charity Tober, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer

five-star-smallMirror of the Body is a dentist’s effort to educate people about the threat of Mercury amalgam in silver fillings. Did you know that silver dental fillings have 50% mercury in it? I did not know that, nor was I aware of the dangers it imposed on my body and health. Dr. Rota not only tells about the dangers of mercury amalgam in silver fillings, he also tells us about the importance of a healthy mouth. After I finished reading this book, I was scared. Literally, my hands were shaking because I realized that I’m not taking care of my mouth. Not as I’m supposed to. You will be surprised to know how many chronic diseases link back to these silver fillings. It is high time that we all stopped using this element, and ban this substance from the dental industry.

The book in itself was very interesting. Dr. Rota made it an entertaining journey. He personalized this book by sharing his story and his own struggles because of “silver” fillings. That allows the reader to connect with the book. I would highly recommend everyone to read this book. This book will allow you to make more informed and educated decisions when it comes to your health, especially when it comes to children. I would also recommend this book to other dentists because it has scientific evidence that might encourage them to stop this practice.

– Rabia Tanveer, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer

five-star-smallMirror of the Body is an engaging book that shares with readers the extraordinary observations made by the author in his 50 plus years of dentistry, years and observations that have played a great part in his life and also in his evolution as a human being during his pursuit of optimum health. The book will definitely change the perspective of readers, not only about life but also about the body, mind and attitude to living.

The book gives details about the damage caused by mercury used in the amalgam fillings that can actually harm the body’s nervous system and immune system. It will also make dentists look beyond drilling, filling, and billing their patients and adopt a holistic approach to their practice by being aware of the harmful effects of the ‘silver’ fillings. The general awareness of how to get rid of toxins from the body and the detoxification methods shared by the author are indeed very helpful. Teeth are a remarkable part of our body and the details of the symptoms of mercury toxicity are informative and will help readers become aware of how to diagnose mercury toxicity and how it plays out differently for different people. The book works as good guide for dentists as well as patients alike where it highlights the importance of the mouth being the foundation for any expression of the face.

The personal healing journey of the author and his career helps readers connect well with him and the facts shared in the book. This insightful and thought provoking book can be comprehended by anyone because of its simple and succinct style. I found the book highly engaging and the fact that the author gives a holistic approach to dental treatment is the highlight of the book.

– M. Madhavan, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer

five-star-smallMirror of the Body is a pioneering work in holistic dentistry, a succinct documentary of over 50 years of research and practice. The book is laced with disturbing facts and it is one that both professional dentists and their clients should read with utmost attention. James E. Rota illustrates, by way of storytelling, his startling discovery of the risks associated with mercury filings in dentistry and how the “lethal colorless, odorless vapor from the mercury could greatly affect (…) health” — the toxicity of mercury amalgam fillings causing oral herpes simplex and aggravated leukemia. James E. Rota DDS unveils the dangers and the harm that this shining substance has caused many people, health dangers that can be otherwise attributed to other causes.

Mirror of the Body: Your Mouth Reflects the Health of Your Whole Body traces the steps the author took towards the “possibility of the non-drug, non-symptom approach to health.” The facts that are brilliantly documented in this gem of a book can significantly alter the way people look at dentistry today and their approach to health. Apart from letting readers in on the dangers that mercury fillings represent for patients, this seasoned professional and researcher defines a holistic approach to dentistry that can revolutionize the entire health industry. James E. Rota’s style is ebullient and he comes across as an authority in dentistry, a voice that readers will find difficult to ignore. The most powerful credit of the message of this book comes from the fact that it is rooted in factual events, a synthesis of years of research that readers will find educative and timely. This is a book that everyone should read. I discovered health facts I couldn’t have read anywhere.

– R. Dzemo, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer

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